The Bronze Pug

The Bronze Pug (Inspired by a sculpture of a Pug dog by Herbert Gerhard – c.1600 )

PUG Drg K2 small Master took me for a really long walk today – much further than usual. I’m shattered, but we ended up in this sculptor’s studio. Seems he wanted to make a bronze of a working dog. Me, I ask you, I haven’t worked for years! I used to be a good ‘ratter’, but then I got rather fat – just like my Master; we’re a good pair. I’m surprised he managed to walk this far too.
Anyway, we get there and the Artist fella gives me a bowl of water and starts watching me drink. He keeps walking round, holding his head on one side and squinting at me. Then, when I go to have a much needed sit down, he leaps up and waving his arms in the air shouts ” Oh no, no. He must be standing. He must show his statuesque musculature!” Whatever that is. So blow me, Master puts me on the leash and makes me stand for what seems like hours.
Boy was I fed up. The Artist fella then gets out his sketch book and starts scratching and scribbling and rubbing his chalk on the paper. The dust was getting in my nose and interrupting some lovely smells I’d noticed when I came in. I could see a small movement in the corner of the Studio too; could’ve been a mouse or a lizard – smelt more ‘ mousey’ to me though. I was just about to set off across the floor to check it out, but Master yanked the lead and made me stand again. They finally let me sit down, ‘cos I’m not as young as I used to be and my back was aching and my legs were a bit shaky.
I don’t know how long we were there – seemed like forever and I heard Master say we’d come back to see the finished work. He looked at all the sketches the Artist had done and admired the likeness: said I was magnificent – I had to agree.

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