Ape Attack

 From The Glumshire Echo   


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Another Point of view

I was sitting quietly grooming my mate’s back when I was alarmed by the approach of a small girl aged about four years old I’d guess. She took me completely by surprise as she suddenly appeared behind me, waving her arms and throwing currant buns at me. I was really spooked especially as one of the buns stuck in my fur as I turned around to face her. I stood stock still, staring at it in alarm as it had glued itself to my chest.

Then the silly girl came right up to me, and before I could run away, she made a grab for the bun. I was in shock and opened my mouth to scream. Unfortunately her arm got in the way and my mouth closed on it with a snap.

At this point, another crazy human came at me swinging one of those sharp-edged bags they carry and hit me on the head with it. Terrified and panicky, I swung my arms at her and she fell with a shriek onto her bum. The little girl had run away by this time, but out of the corner of my eye I saw yet another loony female human running up the rock, shouting and screaming at me.

Completely traumatised by now, I cut and ran to the other side of the rock until they were out of sight.

‘’It was terrifying; when I close my eyes, it’s all I can see. We have a well-deserved position as the main tourist attraction in Gibraltar, but humans have lost all respect for wildlife and think they can treat us as toys or entertainments.’’


Photograph of Macaque by kind permission of: www.bbmexplorer.com

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  1. Paulette says:

    Loved the two “points of view” so true of what goes on these days where humans and animals interact. Keep up the great stories.

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