One Door Opens…

From the ‘Eating Out’ section of the Glumshire Echo


The latest hotspot for gastronomes and those who keep an eye out for that ‘special’ something may be right here. Streetwise characters who always know where the ‘in place’ is for the next ‘Foodie’ experience should be clamouring at the doors here to be let in.

This unusual establishment has taken the brave step of completely retraining some of the most talented members of it’s community as chefs and restaurateurs. Previously only able to display their skills to a captive audience, they are now free to welcome guests to the establishment. An intimate dining venue, it is set in unique surroundings, tucked away in a remote corner of the countryside. Offering good, but rather restricted menus comprising simple but well tried choices at a very reasonable tariff.

Menu Choices

All Day Breakfast
Eggs (Free range), Hard Boiled or Scrambled
‘Old Nick’s’ Devils on Horseback

Toad in the Hole
Straight Jackets (optional filings)
Salad Bars

Afternoon Teas
Open Sandwiches
A selection of cakes including:
Parkin, Pound Cake, Rock Cakes or Stolen

Rack of Lamb served on a bed of Time
or a cut from ‘The Joint’ with all the trimmings

Key Lime Pie
Rhubarb and Custody pudding

As much as you can eat for a very small charge, and although this is an unlicensed premises, you are at liberty to BYOB or even a Jug of Pimms. This is an excellent new venue for those with insider knowledge looking for something different.

HMP v2






HMP Rinstead Common has thrown open it’s previously closed doors to the public in this remarkable experiment.

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