In a hotel lobby late at night
a small boy in pyjamas
hands held tight
with his father
tiptoeing unseen
two furtive raiders
to a silent snack machine
” Chocolate for me !” whispers Dad
“Crisps for me” says the little lad…




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4 Responses to Loot

  1. marian philips says:

    You’ve caught a brief, touching episode in two people’s live that they will both remember.The start of a short story?

    • the burrower says:

      Hi Marian, I’m glad you liked this little moment I spotted and I will probably develop it in another post later as it seemed a charming exchange. I should’ve posted it under ‘Earwigs’ I think…

  2. Stefanie says:

    Your poem made my smile – thank you! I can literally see those two in my mind.

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