Mourning Coffee

Flashing pictures on our phones

Problems, relationships and moans

Specially about our partner’s mothers

or children, families and others

who drive us round the bend

We could have talked all day

of money, work and other ills

Do you remember that old friend

the one who took so many pills

Do say, what happened in the end

She went away, I’m not sure where,

I meant to keep in touch, one tries

but time goes fast and I despair

of all our busy time-poor lives

Sometimes we have to gasp for air

Must dash now, no time to spare

Make a date, next week one day

Keep in touch, a text will do

Don’t wait so long next time we say

but I expect , somehow we will

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One Response to Mourning Coffee

  1. odile stamberger says:

    Loved it!!! I think you were writing about our morning chin wag but it would be relevant to many of my chin wags anyway!!

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