Ancient Downland

Struggling tangled undergrowth
A bramble snatch of childhood memory
Hidden games and secret plays
Seeking paths in the time drenched soil
Rooted in marks left by older ways

Pigeons clatter crazy branches
Rough grass and scrub strewn openly
Where wide horizons blend the sky
The downlands stretching in the haze
Break free with a restraining eye

Ponies inhabit this sweeping pasture
Theirs as tho’ since time began
And undisturbed, like boulders stand
Indifferent to my fleeting passage
In this ancient windswept land

Man has carved his own new playground
Framed by trees and strict grass stripes
Deny the surging, rippled pattern of the sea
Shocked contrast to the sculpted cliffs
And clouds which billow timelessly



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6 Responses to Ancient Downland

  1. Andi Pearson says:

    Lovely poem, captures the essence of the downs.

    • the burrower says:

      Thanks for that Andi, I tried to get the mood of the openness of the landscape but with a hint of man’s encroachment…

  2. marian philips says:

    Lovely, evocative of country walks…And what good command of words. Marian Philips

  3. Stefanie says:

    Lovely poem and turn of phrase! I especially like the “bramble snatch of childhood memory”. Wishing you many enjoyable walks this spring and summer!

  4. the burrower says:

    Thanks for your comment and I hope you enjoy the summer – when it finally decides to stay…

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