Dark clouds race
swirling brocade breakers
rippling tides sculpt the chalk
with shadowed lashing tongues

Anemones like cherries
Those serried globes
whose floating fingers sway
with the rhythm of the tides

Seaweed swings in cracks
of rock pool shallow havens
plundering the opalescent depths
tangling shades of deeper tones

Adorned with gleaming moonlit pearls
and shifting wisps of feathered dark
lift sea-green velvet rolling hills
and shoulder churning billows

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2 Responses to Seascape

  1. marian philips says:

    You’ve given me a lovely celebration of an empty seashore; I can hear the sound of the sea, the cries of puffins, kittiwakes…

    • the burrower says:

      The sea is an endlessly fascinating subject and I’m glad you like this post. Thanks for the feedback it’s much appreciated…

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