Long day’s dawn, chill winds abate
Sunlight eager for the day
Releasing soft green scents of earth

With vibrant moving colour-scapes
Sea green branches waving at the blue
And sun-dried soil which reddly glows

Bold bees bumble trembling blooms
Lit bright against the blazing sky
Zigzag away their load of pollen

Curled white clouds shine over meadows
Running sweet with waving grasses
Poppies dot the scene with scarlet

Landscape swelling gold with crops
Bright rivers flow with dragonflies
And echo with the plop of fish

A crying pheasant cuts the startled air
Crashing pigeons through the treetops
Sounds of distant insects thrumming



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2 Responses to Summer

  1. marian philips says:

    Love it….Marian

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