Sleep Won’t Come

I lie heavy in my bed
The darkness solid round my head
The bedclothes press on me like lead
I shake with fear
Just hollow sounds of night I hear
I stare into the black I cannot see
But sleep won’t come to me

I clench my fists
The darkness now my test
So desperate to set my mind at rest
My breathing calls me loudly with a start
Eyes shut I wait – I toss and turn
Lie still relax is what you learn
I count the beating of my heart

I’m hot then cold I don’t know which
My throat is tight I crave the light
I sit up sharp then snap the switch
Oh what can this horror be
The crawling clock says two then three
So many hours to go before the dawn
Still sleep won’t come to me


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One Response to Sleep Won’t Come

  1. Stefanie says:

    Reminds me very much of insomnia due to depression…

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