And other Pests…

I battle with the local cats
to keep them off my favourite plants
one in particular takes a stance
with brazen calm and feline arrogance
ignores my every scheme
no matter if I shout and scream
or wave my arms and throw my hats

For from my kitchen I can see
where the now deserted feeders hang,
that silent, solo furred invader
search the flowerbeds blatantly
and no matter how much I bang
upon the window he, defiant
takes not a single note of me,

but just continues to explore
each patch of carefully weeded earth
with, I suspect a touch of mirth
and also a degree of scorn
then leaves his smelly calling card
uncovered, and what’s more
precisely in the centre of the lawn

Frustrated by the things I try
to protect this precious habitat
I do every single thing I can
to reinforce an effective ban
with ‘Scent Off’, ‘Pepper Dust’ and ‘Scat’
but whatever product that I buy
I am defeated by this cat

Even a gadget which runs on a battery
emitting a noise to drive him mad,
or at the very least to a cattery
doesn’t have the right effect
sometimes I notice he’ll elect
to sit beside the darned device,
where he may just rest and dream of mice

Now here’s the rub,
it’s quite an anomaly
the saddest thing about this homily
I must be bats
but I’ll not mince words
I do like cats
but I also love the birds

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4 Responses to And other Pests…

  1. marian philips says:

    Very good, apt and funny…and that comes from a cat lover!

  2. Paulette says:

    Really cute and so like a cat 🙂

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