The coffee shop was only half full as late lunchers dawdled over their meals, so Angela, who talked so fast and managed to eat at the same time rather drew one’s attention. Full of youthful enthusiasm and everything in her own life. She crammed the air with her opinions – as numerous and weighty as the chips she consumed while she spoke.

“Of course, the interview went really well. They sooo… liked what I’d done on the project so far.”

“What on earth did they ask you to do for it then?” asked her friend, wiping egg yolk off her plate with a piece of bread and looking furtively at her watch.

“Oh, they wanted 2000 words on ‘How to deal with Social Isolation.’ Something I was able to study at first hand with my aged parents,” smiled Angela, warming to her topic.

“Aged? I didn’t realise yours were ‘aged’.”

“Oh God yes. Ma’s 50 and dad – nearly 60…”

“Well it’s hardly aged is it? Mine are about the same and they do loads of …”

“So really, I just had to list what they actually did – or didn’t do, and turn it into a professional report. It was one of my better bits of fiction I thought. I quite impressed myself with the way it read.”

“Really, didn’t they want examples and statistics and loads of other stuff? – Speaking of which, do you want all those chips…?”

“They want me to come back next week for a follow up, so they’re obviously very impressed. I’d have to move flats of course if I get it…”

“Did you say you’d finished, ’cause I could eat a few more?”

“They’re based in Berkshire you see… ”

“Otherwise I’ll have a dessert, I’ve just got time before my bus.”

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