After the biting beast
Had shocked the buds and bulbs
Spring shone across the park

Warming muddy fields
At last the promised sunshine
Cheered the birds to song

Children clustered ponds
Lined in khaki coloured mud
Searching signs of life

Hazy swirling ooze
Tiny newts flick through the murk
Squeals of excitement

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4 Responses to CYCLICAL HAIKU

  1. Andi Pearson says:

    I really like this spring Haiku, reminding me that we have newts in our pond that always bring delight as they are just so cute.

  2. marian philips says:

    Another winner, Burrower. I do envy and admire your command of descriptive language.

  3. the burrower says:

    Thanks Marian, I do enjoy playing with words and am happy if it works OK.

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