Mum’s done the cooking, all single-handed
while for the umpteenth time, ‘The Eagle has Landed’
The dinner is stuffed into over-filled tums
as we’ve nibbled the crisps and mince pies with crumbs

After the meal, we collapse in a heap
Gran and Grandad have fallen asleep
At the sight of presents eyes light up with hope
But uncle has wandered off at a lope
to find a fresh glass to fill up with beer
to ready himself for all the good cheer

The TV’s ablaze with the ‘Christmas Carol’
He’s sure he was told there was a big barrel
The parcels are hastily ripped from their wrapping
While cameras and phones are excitedly snapping
Then we watch all the movies, including Toy Story
for the grown-ups later, something ghostly or gory

Outside a ‘White Christmas’ refused to appear
and the fog has crept in, but we hope it’ll clear
We drive home tomorrow to our own cosy beds
but for now it’s just time to rest weary heads

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One Response to AFTERMATH

  1. marian philips says:

    Clever Burrower – You’ve done it again; funny, apt and sums up all those family Christmases with their problems, expectations…..

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