When happy, paint the Iris…


The days grow longer with pale shafts of light lifting the grey mood. The morning skies are rinsed with early promise and heralded by sparrow-chattered trees. Snowdrops modestly bow their heads to the welcome dawn and the chilled birds begin their songs again. Spears of Daffodils pierce the blank soil presaging a host of gold and catkin topped Birches are headline news. Delighted Blackbirds bound on worm cast encrusted lawns as Starlings squabble for their share. Bulbs, like the old friends you’ve not seen for months, cluster together bringing smiles and cheer to the winter gloom. The dormant garden wakes and in the tousled beds the mauve flags proclaim the tentative arrival of an optimistic spring with lively warmth and fun-lit days ahead… A hopeful time of year.


‘Iris’ Illustration copyright Kim Lane




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One Response to When happy, paint the Iris…

  1. Paulette Burgess says:

    Love the iris illustration….you make it look so simple and easy to paint

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