Spring Watch

Smart speckled Starlings
iridescent brazen bullies of the bird table
shout in gabbling, grabbing gangs

While sun-bright Goldfinches
perform their fluttering fancies
above the lawn’s fresh green gems

The trees shine newly dressed
in brightest garb of spring greenness
and cloud-grey Doves there softly rest

Bushes tremble with Sparrow chatter
’til Magpie’s coarsest shout startles them all out
with it’s harsh mechanical clatter

Cold drops tattoo the window pane
Spring’s sudden rain which quickly chills the air
but just as soon, the sun is out again



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2 Responses to Spring Watch

  1. marian philips says:

    You have such a good command of language, Burrower, which I envy. And I love your use of alliteration – “brazen bullies of the bird table.”

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