The Wannabee…


Uncle Dave came round for Sunday lunch and he was quite early so Dad was out the back as usual. My Dad likes the garden and he’s out there a lot. Mum always says she has a real job getting him to come indoors when meals are ready.

“He’s always busy in that garden of his,” she says “in and out of that greenhouse like a bee’s bum!”

“So I see,” said Uncle Dave spotting Dad carrying little flower pots and trays inside.

P’raps she means ‘buzzy’ I thought. It’s funny though, he does have a stripey black and yellow sweater. Mum knitted it for him herself one Christmas, so he wears it a lot, especially in the garden. He says the sleeves are a bit too short and the stripes a bit wonky so he told me not to say anything to mum, but he doesn’t want to ‘wear it out’ anywhere.I said mum wouldn’t like it if he wore it out anyway. She’s always telling me not to scrape the toes of my shoes or they’ll wear out before I’ve grown out of them and she can’t keep buying new shoes.

That’s weird too ‘cos it sounds like I was planted in them – like Dad’s beans in little pots, and they had to wait for me to grow out of them. Maybe that’s what Dad does in the greenhouse – I must have a look one day and see if there’s any shoes full of soil in there; maybe I’ll get a little brother! Anyway, mum tapped on the window and when she caught dad’s eye she did like ‘pretend eating’ in the air and he put down his spade, wiped his hands and made his way indoors. He was wearing his stripey sweater too and as he stood in the open back door taking off his ‘wellies’, mum said,

“Here’s my busy bee at last. Come on, lunch is nearly ready.”

” What did you get done today?” asked Uncle Dave

“I’ve planted two rows of beans and a wild flower patch for the gardener’s friends. Oh, and potted up some new corms; they should be up in a few weeks,” he smiled, looking at me. “Something to look forward to eh?”

‘ Ooooh I hope so,’ thought me, wondering what it’d be like to have a little brother.

“You’d better wash your hands quick then or it’ll be teatime soon if we don’t get started” said Mum pushing him gently towards the sink.

Uncle Dave smiled at Dad in his sweater and said…”and is there honey still for tea?”

I wannabee a bee like my Dad when grow up.



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