‘Looking for a light and finding the write way out’ –

Writing is something which has been a great source of satisfaction to me for many years. Sometimes ideas and issues can best be sorted out by writing about them and turning them into fiction.  From prose to poems and back again I currently feel happiest with the short story format and Flash Fiction. There is a huge appeal in having a kind of verbal dolls-house to play with which can be filled with characters and situations of my own making.

My aim with this  blog, which hopefully will interest and entertain, is to delve into as many corners I can and dig out a few nuggets that’ll maybe even sparkle a little.  All kinds of possibilities arise in even the shortest stories or poems; from the funny overheard remarks to the more serious observations.

The Burrower can be found in bright daylight or in the deepest and darkest of corners, digging around all over the place and hopes to surface fortnightly with some new tales.