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A Dilemma

The morning radio rouses us with the news that the supermarket shelves were being emptied by shoppers stockpiling – panic buying had taken hold and the locusts have swept through all the land. Sainsbury, Tesco, Safeways and Aldi’s shelves were … Continue reading

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The Park

The pretty little seaside town had been plagued by gangs of bikers, drug dealers and hooligans all summer long and the local people were worried, frightened and angry. The Mayor protested that he’d no authority to instruct the Police and … Continue reading

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Lazy Sunday

Housework don’t shirk No fun get it done Don’t fuss just dust Change sheets press pleats Boost power clean Shower What’s for lunch no hunch Bowl of soup give a whoop Vac floor oil door Iron shirts mend skirt Clean … Continue reading

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Lunar New Year’s Eve

  Chinese New Year’s Eve is the day before the Lunar New Year. Celebrating Chinese New Year’s Eve has always been a family matter in China,a most important reunion day for every Chinese family. It has evolved over a long … Continue reading

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Winter HAIKU

  Wind whipped crisp skies Landscape sculpted cool shadows Pale sun’s warm offer      

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…or Lost Ambitions ? Far too late for me Too late for me to be ? For me to be a Wunderkind It’s too late now, I see But is it yet too late to BE ? For me it’s … Continue reading

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No Change

No Change Shifting trucks as bundled workers Trundle loads to delivery bays Open warehouse doors absorbing, Devouring product for days and days Vast deliveries for hungry shelves. Crowds of shoppers, mass consuming Thinking only of themselves Stacks of food, warm … Continue reading

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Message in a Bottle…

Thank you dear friends for all the fun The coffee and cakes and the welcome sun The good times and all the merry laughter And everything good that followed after The long discussions and the chatter Of all those things … Continue reading

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  Autumn’s decadence Season’s shadow dancing days Apples litter gardens   Hedgehogs curl away While insects worm in windfalls In rustling corners  

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She battled through enormous seas Storms nearly brought her to her knees But she sailed on to our delight And every time she won the fight But the weather turned, the skies were black The lightning flared and thunder wracked … Continue reading

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