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‘Better than any Son’ by Rob Nisbet

The Burrower is pleased to welcome a new Guest Blogger to Story-worm and hopes you will enjoy: ‘Better than any Son’ by Rob Nisbet     It was six o’clock in the morning and still bitterly cold. The sun wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Jes, Graffiti Kid

I’m bored. Nothing ever happens in this crummy town; even the beach is a snooze, full of old people in cardigans shuffling along the front looking for cheap tearooms. They shout and wave their walking sticks at you if you … Continue reading

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  Mists rise through pale sun Lifting pastel shaded drapes Earthy scents unfold   Image copyright Kim lane

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Reach out to others young and old Offer friendship from the cold Connecting skin with a human touch a precious move that means so much That muscles sense a warm response and strengthens feelings right at once confirms the need … Continue reading

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…When angry, paint Bamboo

Years had gone by – decades, and still no real change. The bamboo grew dense and high, rattled by the breeze and furious in the gales which often struck it. Unexpectedly, there’d be periods of calm when only an occasional … Continue reading

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When happy, paint the Iris…

  The days grow longer with pale shafts of light lifting the grey mood. The morning skies are rinsed with early promise and heralded by sparrow-chattered trees. Snowdrops modestly bow their heads to the welcome dawn and the chilled birds … Continue reading

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Mum’s done the cooking, all single-handed while for the umpteenth time, ‘The Eagle has Landed’ The dinner is stuffed into over-filled tums as we’ve nibbled the crisps and mince pies with crumbs After the meal, we collapse in a heap … Continue reading

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Two Letters…

…Landed on the mat today – An ‘Amazing Offer’ of a free trial to facilitate my online purchasing. Apparently I’ll love the improvements they’ve made, and I won’t believe what changes have happened since my last membership. My last membership? … Continue reading

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Know Ideas – for Festive wish-lists

Audio and art sets, and Alexa from Amazon Bluetooth and Build-a-bear and much stuff to choose from Cameras and candles and candy-floss makers Darth Vader costumes and cool cocktail shakers Earings and earphones and designer earbuds Fit bits and face-cream … Continue reading

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‘You can’t beat Rock and Roll’

“I’ve told him a hundred times now, he can’t expect me to stay home all the time just looking after him. It’s been seven years now since mum died and I’m not getting any younger. I know at first he … Continue reading

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