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Stale summer meadows under white heat-blasted skies thunder lurks the night Bright daggers slice the darkness drops fall like pennies pavements run with instant floods Smells of new-wet earth raise pungent long gone memory from dust-blocked days  

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Lost Soles

A city tattooed with torrid tags shoes left by bins in torn shopping bags Gutters full of litter spill their load edging each and every road Rough sleepers flip-flopping in the morning Life-dulled eyes with no hope spawning shake night’s … Continue reading

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Spring Watch

Smart speckled Starlings iridescent brazen bullies of the bird table shout in gabbling, grabbing gangs While sun-bright Goldfinches perform their fluttering fancies above the lawn’s fresh green gems The trees shine newly dressed in brightest garb of spring greenness and … Continue reading

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Easter Bank Holiday

Brings the arrival of the chocolate Bunny and chocolate eggs which are also quite funny There’s hot cross buns and Simmnel cakes Or your own back garden for barbecue bakes There are picnics and outings to National Parks and beaches … Continue reading

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  Mists rise through pale sun Lifting pastel shaded drapes Earthy scents unfold   Image copyright Kim lane

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Reach out to others young and old Offer friendship from the cold Connecting skin with a human touch a precious move that means so much That muscles sense a warm response and strengthens feelings right at once confirms the need … Continue reading

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Mum’s done the cooking, all single-handed while for the umpteenth time, ‘The Eagle has Landed’ The dinner is stuffed into over-filled tums as we’ve nibbled the crisps and mince pies with crumbs After the meal, we collapse in a heap … Continue reading

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Know Ideas – for Festive wish-lists

Audio and art sets, and Alexa from Amazon Bluetooth and Build-a-bear and much stuff to choose from Cameras and candles and candy-floss makers Darth Vader costumes and cool cocktail shakers Earings and earphones and designer earbuds Fit bits and face-cream … Continue reading

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Autumn HAIKU

Early dark afternoons Wet leaves cling to winter shoes High clouds catch late sun

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Sicily Summer – The Burrower abroad

Winding old Italian streets on bruised and battered, sandaled feet Narrow crumbling ancient walls echoing street vendors calls. Scorching sun and folks in hats, shabby steps and narrow cats Cauliflower clouds in blazing skies of rich Madonna blue and sunlit … Continue reading

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