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Spring Watch

Smart speckled Starlings iridescent brazen bullies of the bird table shout in gabbling, grabbing gangs While sun-bright Goldfinches perform their fluttering fancies above the lawn’s fresh green gems The trees shine newly dressed in brightest garb of spring greenness and … Continue reading

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Uncommon Toad

I met a toothless, tailless toad just walking blithely down the road and when accosted by two enquiring lads who’d never seen a toad before – as they were city boys whose main delight was at the floodlit skateboard park … Continue reading

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And other Pests…

I battle with the local cats to keep them off my favourite plants one in particular takes a stance with brazen calm and feline arrogance ignores my every scheme no matter if I shout and scream or wave my arms … Continue reading

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