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She battled through enormous seas Storms nearly brought her to her knees But she sailed on to our delight And every time she won the fight But the weather turned, the skies were black The lightning flared and thunder wracked … Continue reading

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When happy, paint the Iris…

  The days grow longer with pale shafts of light lifting the grey mood. The morning skies are rinsed with early promise and heralded by sparrow-chattered trees. Snowdrops modestly bow their heads to the welcome dawn and the chilled birds … Continue reading

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The Ferry

            The Ferry Late train and rain and cows on the line detain us. The ferry’s missed and so we sit waiting for the replacement bus. Forget the estimated times of leaving just doubts about … Continue reading

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  Will you fire your deadly weapons As the cruelty merely deepens Will you weep for a lost future As the surgeons try to suture A country smashed to pieces While compassion just decreases We, who helpless watch and wait … Continue reading

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